Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Come Home - Lisa Scottoline

Famous for her mysteries and legal thrillers , the last couple of Lisa Scottoline's novels have started a new theme , which makes you wonder what spurred it on. 
The theme is how much are you willing to go or do to save your children and the ones you love ?
The novels bring out a mixture of emotions ones that readers of Jane Green and Jodi Picoult will recognise.
Review: Come Home - Lisa Scottoline - June 2012
I have always been a fan of Lisa Scottoline's books ever since I picked up her book "Daddy's Girl" and from then on I read my way through her legal thrillers. Her latest two novels though have been different , though they still have a heavy legal focus. The way they have been written have reminded me of Jane Green with the strong emotional bonds and in a way Come Home reminded me of A Patchwork Marriage by Jane Green and of Jodi Picoult's with the touching and writing of strong issues that surround families.
Come Home tells the tale of Jill who years ago had what she thought was the perfect family for her and her daughter Megan. A father - William Skyler and two step-sisters Victoria and Abby. Everything was fine until a deep betrayal hit Jill and forced Jill and William to separate. Jill took off with Megan and William and his two daughters went their separate ways.  Now years later Jill is living her life with her great fiancĂ© Sam and her daughter Megan, they are finally a family. Nothing can break what they have or will their relationship crumble , when Jill receives a knock and a blast from the past. It's her ex-stepdaughter Abby , her father has been murdered yet it has been ruled as a suicide and she wants Jill to help her solve the case. Can Jill stand by and let Abby get hurt even more or will she decide to help Abby ? The decision starts to cause a major rift between Sam and Jill as Sam believes that Abby is no longer Jill's responsibility but can someone who you have looked after and mothered be turned away, is it really possible to switch off the emotion of caring and helping them ?
As Jill and Abby get along the investigation, it seems somebody wants them to stop and unless they stop , they may end up like William Skyler - dead six feet under. 
Can Jill stop her investigation and be there for her daughter Megan or will Jill realise that as Megan is her daughter, so is Abby and Victoria in their own ways.
Come Home holds that mystery element but is really aimed at the theme of "When is enough , enough and what lengths would you go to save your child or someone you once loved , even if they aren't your own flesh and blood ? "
A great story that readers of Jane Green , Jodi Picoult , Rosamund Lupton and Lesley Pearse will enjoy.

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