Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: Guilt by Degrees - Marcia Clark

Do you love your mystery novels ? Have you read "Guilt by Association" by Marcia Clark ?
Get ready for Book #2 in her series "Rachel Knight".
Review: Guilt by Degrees - Book #2 Rachel Knight Series- Marcia Clark-May 2012
I love my mysteries and have always had a soft spot for legal thrillers especially ones that present a close team and characters that you can relate to. In a way, the Rachel Knight series reminds me of a cross between Rizzolli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen and the Bernie Rosato series by Lisa Scottoline. I first read Marcia Clark's first novel "Guilt by Association" and loved her writing style and the intrigue that she kept up and when I saw that she had released a new one , I just had to read it and like her first novel it was exciting.
Guilt by Degrees starts off with a homeless man being killed , stabbed and what looks like an open/shut case as no-one cares for the homeless but something nags at Rachel - member of the Special Trials Unit and she takes the case on. As Rachel with the help of legal friends Toni and Bailey, they start to unravel the case and discover that there is more to the case than just a case of a simple homeless stabbing. It seems that the case is related to an unsolved murder that took place two years ago, a case that involved a cop being chopped to bits and then from there , a case of a hit and run victim prior. If this wasn't enough work for Rachel, she has her new boyfriend to worry about as he has been looking into her past and has discovered the truth about Rachel's older sister Romy and has evidence that she may still be alive or that she wasn't killed immediately .
The only thing that annoyed me about the book was the way the Killer's sentence was left open.
For more intense thrills and twists and turns, crack open "Guilt by Degrees" by Marcia Clark.

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