Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review: The Mother Road - Jennifer Allee

Are you into Christian fiction ? Looking for a road-trip novel ?
Review; The Mother Road - Jennifer Allee- April 2012
I am a huge judge by the cover person, I know I shouldn't be but I go author first , then cover and then blurb. I didn't know the author but the cover screamed road trip to me as I guess if I had been American, then the title would have been an obvious as apparently Route 66 in America is also known as The Mother Road. 
In Jennifer Allee's book , we meet Natalie who has spent her whole life writing books about relationships and marriage -only now eighteen years to discover her husband has had an affair , and wants a divorce. The worst thing is that the woman is pregnant with his baby , the one thing in the world that Natalie could never give Tony. With a phone call to her dad, he talks Natalie in returning home but with one catch, to pick up her sister on the way. Natalie and Lindsey haven't spoke n in five years , so when Natalie turns up on Lindsey's doorstep and Lindsey is pregnant and with a black eye, Natalie is quick to judge. The pair then against both their better judgements head out on a road trip filled with tragedies, triumphs, laughter and tears and all this along The Mother Road of the States - Route 66. 
A great novel that once you start reading you will not be able to put down and beware the trip along the Mother Road will be a bumpy and emotional journey.

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