Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Heart Echoes - Sally John

Have you read Desert Gifts by Sally John ? Did you enjoy it as much as I did ?
Get ready for Book #3 in her SideRoad Series .
Review Heart Echoes - Sideroad Series #3 - Sally John - February 2012
It is said that no life is perfect , it may seem it but it can take only the slightest activity to occur and the cracks can slowly start to be seen. Some though are stronger than others and it takes a huge tragedy to occur before their lives start to break down around them.
In Heart Echoes , tragedy strikes in the form of an earthquake as Teal hangs in for her life , she starts to think about her past and her present with her new husband River and daughter Maiya.
All she can think is about being home safe with them , but when she arrives home. Life is about to get crazy as Teal learns that her fifteen year old daughter has been lying to them and going behind their back to date ex-con Jake whose Nineteen. On top of that Maiya has been asking Teal questions about her biological dad . Though Teal has a dark secret of her own , she has never ever told anybody - not even her family who Maiya's dad is and the other is that Maiya's dad doesn't even know she exists , he didn't even know that Teal was pregnant. On an impulse, Teal finds herself back in her hometown of Cedar Pointe where her Mum, Stepfather and half-sister Lacey and her husband Will live.  What will happen though, when Maiya's dad ends up in Cedar Pointe - will her family and Maiya put two and two together and as she deals with this, is she pushing River further away from herself and will she lose him too ?
Find out in this new exciting book by Sally John, one that will have you engrossed from the very first page.

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