Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Unlikely Praise - Carla Rossi

On the lookout for a Christian novel filled with Worship ?
Review: Unlikely Praise - Carla Rossi - March 2012
Do you love reading Christian based novels ? Into your music ?
Unlikely Praise by Carla Rossi brings together a group of the most unlikely candidates representing their church as The worship Team.
Candi Canaberry has been leading the worship team at her local church , running away and starting a new fresh image of herself. As her father in Austin Don Canaberry is currently doing time for fraud , he is the guy that ruined multiple musicians etc. 
Enter Shade aka Samuel , he was a former Rock n Roll star headed to fame when tragedy struck killing his friend and leaving him a wreck , his girlfriend at the time who was pregnant left him. Now on the road to recovery , Shade is wanting to earn redemption.  When Shade and Candi who are opposites meet and get off on the wrong foot , can they mend the fences and prove opposites do attract ?
What happens though, when they are both sent to Austin for a Church conference , can the pair confront their evil pasts in order to move on with their lives or will their hidden secrets come back to bite them on the bum ?
Find out all this and more in "Unlikely Praise".

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