Monday, June 11, 2012

Review : Guardians : The Girl - Lola St.Vil

Looking for a guardian angel novel to read ? Love Indie Authors ?
Review: Guardians - The Girl - Lola St.Vil - February 2012
Do you prefer guardian angel novels ? On the lookout for new indie authors to read and help them to get off the ground in the world of publishing.
Brought to you by Lola St.Vil is Guardians: The Girl . The story starts on a hot summer's day, a day when the rest of the school were ditching except for three students. One of those three was Emerson Baxter , when she asks for a bathroom pass - she hears a noise and rushes to see the janitor covered in blood. Emerson, ends up being involved in the middle of a shoot-out but little did she realise that this one instance would change her life. It seems that someone evil named Lucy and her Runners/Pawns are out to get Emmy and have her killed as she is the key to saving the earth, Emmy is supposed to hold the key to the Triplex. The only downside is that Emmy isn't really the saving the world type of person and she has no idea what these people are looking for. I liked the character Emmy as she reminds me of a cross between Gwen Frost from the Mythos Academy series by Jennifer Estep and Veronica Mars.  If having to save the world wasn't such a big issue to deal with , Emmy also has on her plate the fact that she is in love with the First Guardian Angel and he does have a girlfriend - Meena - The Second in Charge , she kissed another angel and her best friend was killed as a sacrifice to saving Emmy from death.
Mix this with the raging emotional hormones of an average fifteen-year old girl and it's a lot to deal with. 
A fun and easy to read Indie novel that fans of Supernatural and Angels will enjoy.

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