Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: Interrupted-Life Beyond Words - Rachel Coker

Looking for a new teen Christian fiction to read ? One written for teens by a teen author. When written Rachel Coker was only 15yrs old.
Review: Interrupted - Rachel Coker -March 2012
It always fascinates me when authors are published that are younger than me as in a way somebody reminded me today that even though I don't write fiction , I am still a writer as I continue to write reviews etc. I find though that when young ones are published, it's such an achievement on their behalf as the journey to writing the book is a long one filled with research, writing, editing, re-writes etc. 
Interrupted takes us on a journey to the year 1925 , where we are introduced to the main character Allie , her mother and the annoying next door neighbour Sam. Allie is fourteen years old and looking after her mother, her mother is dying and unwell mentally. Allie besides her next door neighbour Sam keeps to herself , helping her mother get well and remember things. To me it seemed like her mother had a case of Alzheimer's Disease or Mental health issues- this part of the story hit quite close to home for me as I have a Granddad with Alzheimer's , a sibling with Autism and another sibling with Mental Health issues and a dad who works in the mental health field. 
Halfway, through the novel tragedy strikes and Allie is sent to live in a foster home in Maine, with a woman named Miss Beatrice. Life for Allie is difficult as she misses her mother terribly. As the novel goes along, we see Allie struggle with Beatrice's religious ways and starts to communicate with her mother the only way she knows how - in a series of letters and poems.  When Sam later down in the track locates Allie, it stirs up alot of bottled up emotions , can Allie learn to forgive and move on from her past in order to move forth with the future or is it too late for her as World War #2 begins and Sam is called for duty ?
Find out in Rachel Coker's debut novel "Interrupted - A Life Beyond Words".

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