Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: An Amish Wedding - Various Authors

Do you love reading Amish Fiction ? Do you enjoy Weddings ? 
Written by three Amish Fiction writers , I present to you 
"An Amish Wedding".

Review: An Amish Wedding - Various Authors - November 2009
Do you love and enjoy short stories ? An Amish Wedding is a collection of three short stories by  three wonderful Amish Fiction writers - all surrounding the theme of Weddings. The first story which I personally enjoyed the most was The Perfect Secret by Kelly Long, in which we meet newly engaged couple Rose and Luke. Rose yearns for more excitement and passion in her heart and when she hears about a thief that has been stealing in the midst of the night , she longs to meet this thief as we learn he has been nicknamed "A Modern Day Robin Hood". Out one night, Rose stumbles across the thief and is surprised to discover that it is somebody she knows, as Rose starts to spend more time with the thief -will her heart's intentions sway from Luke to the Robin Hood ? Will Rose discover that her heart will not be satisfied with Luke or will she discover that sometimes you just have to peer really hard to discover what lies beneath the surface ? In the second tale "The Perfect Match" by Kathleen Fuller , we meet Naomi - her sister Priscilla is getting married and it seems that the whole female population is in "dating fever" . When Naomi's friend starts to fret about finding the perfect man , Naomi meets Zeke - Chester's cousin who is here for the wedding. In trying to be a good friend , Naomi sets Zeke up with Margaret but it won't be too long till she discovers she has feelings for him. Will Naomi put her notions about not dating aside for Zeke or will her friendship and loyalty stand in the way of her happiness ? In the last but not least tale is "The Perfect Plan" written by Beth Wiseman. The Perfect Plan is the tale of Priscilla and her upcoming nuptials to Chester, Priscilla just wants her day to be perfect. But when a number of incidents happen including a house disaster , ruined dresses and a sick attendant , it gets Priscilla thinking is she making the right decision to marry Chester or by these accidents happening is God testing her ? Find out all this and more in a wonderful collection and celebration of Amish Weddings.

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