Review: Hard Eight - Janet Evanovich

Have you watched the film "One for the Money" ? I decided too and after seeing the movie, I put my thoughts and opinions aside and decided to read the whole entire Stephanie Plum Series . Here is Book #8.
Review: Hard Eight - Book #8 Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - June 2003
We are back with more Stephanie Plum action and this time Stephanie is on the lookout for her mother's next door neighbour Mabel's daughter and granddaughter Evelyn and Annie. It seems that there is a new type of bail bonds in New Jersey - Custody Bonds and Evelyn is in violation of hers. It would have been an easy task but Evelyn's ex-husband Soder has several business acquaintances that aren't very friendly with Stephanie. From Abruzzi , who we met in Book #1 - he was Benito Ramirez's agent , her ex-husband Dickie Orr - the lawyer and Jeanne - the bounty hunter who is after Evelyn also, but of course Stephanie and Jeanne's relationship runs deeper as she is Ranger's ex-girlfriend and where Ranger looks like Batman - Jeanne looks like Catwoman. Can Stephanie find Evelyn and Annie before the bad people reach her or worse she ends up dead and Mabel out of a house ?
Of course, this wouldn't be a Stephanie Plum novel without Stephanie finding herself in the midst of trouble which this time around involves snakes and spiders , finding a dead body in her lounge , her and Lula gaining another new partner in crime Albert Kloughn - the lawyer and of course the threesome relationship triangle between Ranger, Stephanie and Joe Morelli.
Unlike the previous seven novels, I didn't like the ending of Hard Eight as it left you out in the open and wondering. Though of course, I'm not going to let that stop me - so readers, stay tuned for Book #9 in the Stephanie Plum series.


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