Review: Flutter - Gina Linko

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Review: Flutter - Gina Linko - October 2012
Do you love time-travelling novels ? Books like Tempest by Julie Cross , The Time Traveller's Wife and The Guardian Angel's Journal by Carolyn Jess-Cooke ?
If you enjoy those books, then you will enjoy Gina Linko's  novel "Flutter". Set in the modern time we meet Emery, ever since she was little she has been having what she calls "the loops". From the outside world, it looks like she is having seizures but to her , she is time-travelling to a parallel world - whether it be in the past or future times.  Sick of being locked up and treated like a lab rat, Emery after her recent loops become more vivid and contain the same boy and area , with her friend Gia's help, Emery breaks out of the hospital and heads to the town Esperanza . It is here, that she meets fellow drifter Ash - there is something about Ash that seems really familiar and Emery thinks it is connected to her loops. When things start getting a bit eerie and Emery discovers evil is out to get her , Can Ash and Emery escape and start a new life or are Emery's time travelling skills something else , something more sinister and valuable? 
An amazing story that keeps the reader reading more in anticipation to find out the connection between Ash and Emery.  I look forward to reading future works by Gina Linko.

Reaching Through Time: Three Novellas by Mcdaniel, Lurlene
Both Sides of Time by Cooney, Caroline B
Out of Time by Cooney, Caroline B
Tempest by Cross, Julie.
Wake Series by McMann, Lisa.



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