Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead

Are you a fan of Vampire Academy or The Georgina Kincaid Series ? Author Richelle Mead has just released the second book in her latest series "Bloodlines".
Review: The Golden Lily - Book #2 Bloodlines Series - Richelle Mead- June 2012
Fans of Vampire Academy series will love Richelle Mead's new series "Bloodlines" as alot of the same characters feature in both series. The Bloodlines series is a spin-off which features Sydney Sage as the main character who as an Alchemist has been sent to protect Jill Dragomir - a Moroi princess. Working undercover, Sydney along with a group of Vampires have been sent to Amberwood to keep Jill safe from the public and also to help assist Dimitri and Sonya in discovering the cure for Strigoi's which as we learnt in the Vampire Academy series are the evil vampires. Also on the team at Amberwood is Eddie , Adrian and Angelique. In Book #2 The Golden Lily, we read as the job of keeping the vampire princess is about to get harder as it seems that there are others out there that want the princess dead and by Jill not co-operating and following Sydney's rules that have been put there to keep her safe may be the very thing dangering her and making her an easy target.  Sydney gets a new boyfriend named Brayden, but with the revelation that she's dating may open the eyes of two other guys in the jealousy game - Adrian Ishakov and Trey. Can Sydney in her role as the Alchemist afford to have boys fighting over her as we wonder if it will distract her from her main goal ? Will the introduction to dating prove to the reader's that Sydney is human too ? Out on a shopping trip with Sonya, Sydney and Sonya bump into someone who believes they know Sonya from her Strigoi days, is trouble brewing near or is this a case of genuine mistaken identity ?
Unfortunately for me, I found The Golden Lily , to be a tad slow and hard to get into whereas I loved and devoured Bloodlines. I will be looking to read Book #3 when it is released though , just to keep up with the storylines .

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