Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Yours Truly - Karen Cogan

Looking for a nice quick Christian novella to read ?
Review: Yours Truly - Karen Cogan - January 2012
If you are wanting a quick and fast read ? Something that is light, romantic and has a Christian focus, then Yours Truly is for you. Yours Truly takes us into the lives of Scott and Melissa , they have known each other and been together in a sense since College and things are starting to look up for them in terms of creating a future together. On an romantic getaway, Scott proposes to Melissa but soon tragedy strikes and Scott is left hanging onto his life. It is during the hospital stay that Scott meets and learns about God and soon he has become a Christian and hopes to follow in God's way.  His sudden involvement with God and all things Christian, though causes a rift between him and Melissa and soon Melissa feels that unless she gets on board with this Christian and God thing, she may no longer have a future with Scott. Can Melissa find her way into following God , will she realise that his way his the only way ? 
The only downside I had with this book which is why it rated a 4P instead of 5P is that it glossed over certain parts and the ending was quite abrupt.  
Other than that though, Yours Truly was a sweet tale about two lovers steps from Non-Christians to Christians.

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