Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Diva - Jillian Larkin

Do you love the 1920's era ? The years of Jazz , Plays and Flappers ?
Over the last couple of years there has been an influx of novels set in the 1920's - Here is one of the latest in a series of books by Jillian Larkin.
Review: Diva - Book #3 Flappers Series- Jilliam Larkin - July 2012
This is a series where I will have to read the previous novels , so that I can catch myself up on earlier events and what lead to Diva. If you haven't read the previous two books by Jillian Larkin - Ingenue and Vixen, then I would advise to read them first, though it isn't a big deal if you don't.

In Diva , we meet three girls who used to be the best of friends , before tragedy struck them all and forced them to separate and go their own ways. Each of them , though still care deeply for the other though they won't let their emotions get in the way of their decisions.
The first girl we meet is Gloria, we learn that she was sentenced to jail for shooting her ex-boyfriend and now she is engaged to a Black piano singer named Jerome.  Gloria has been allowed out of jail, on one condition - she is to spy on a new up comer Forrest Hamilton and let the FBI know where his money is coming from. Not an easy task to do as she falls harder for Forrest and believes his character to be good and honest. Is Forrest the honest man she believes him to be and is the money legitimate or has somebody set Forrest up to take the fall ? 

The second girl is Lorraine , she was an ex-flapper and best friends with Gloria and Clara before the tragedy which landed Gloria stuck in jail. Lorraine, went off to Barnard college with a handsome prospect in mind - Marcus Eastman - Gloria's best male friend and the ex-boyfriend of Clara. It's a shame though as he is engaged to get married, Lorraine though knows something is up as the girl is too good to be true and her accent is a little off.  With the help of her best friend Melvin and Clara , can Lorraine help stop Marcus from making the biggest mistake of his life and also will this little adventure be the making of Lorraine's love life ?

The third is Clara , she dreamt of being a famous journalist and had the perfect life until the guy she loved Marcus dumped her and her best friend Gloria ended up in jail. Now Clara is writing away and living her life until she receives an invitation to Marcus's wedding. When Clara is enlisted by Lorraine to help stop the wedding, will she realise that her future is with Marcus as Mrs. Eastman ? 

Find out all this and more in an amazingly written teen fiction set in the 1920's and the world of flappers.

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