Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: These Girls - Sarah Pekkanen

On the lookout for a nice Chick Lit novel ? One that everyone will be able to relate too ?
Review: These Girls - Sarah Pekkanen - April 2012
Set in a world of glitter, glamour and the world of celebrities. These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen takes us into the heart of the magazine world and one magazine in particular - "Gloss". It will also take you deep into the heart of what friendship with girlfriends really are and how that even though you might not have known them for that long of a period or even know them as a person really well . When it comes to needing a friend , a shoulder to cry on and someone to be there for you with no agenda required - a friend that's there just because you need them to be - no questions asked. In These Girls we are introduced to three girls in particular , two of which world for Gloss Magazine.
Cate, has worked her way up from intern to editor of Gloss Magazine and with her first issue as Editor looming, she just wants it to be perfect. However, it seems that others in her team are jealous , so when an opportunity arises for a big story, Cate borrows one of the male writers from another magazine that they share the same building with to write the story - inject some fresh blood. Enter Trey - he's the guy every girl wants including Cate's room-mate Renee. Can Cate put her personal feelings aside and remain professional and prove to be a good friend to Renee or will it be boys before girlfriends ?
Renee, has been working hard at being a Beauty intern and now the position of Beauty Editor has come up and Renee wants the job , not only for the money but also the credentials but when it is discovered that there are three candidates and the interview process is a little bit different -Renee starts to worry especially when they have to start their own Facebook Blog and the person with the most comments wins. What happens though when Renee starts to receive snide comments about her weight and then discovers the world of dieting pills ? Will it be worth the risk for Renee or will this phase of losing weight and fast end in a downward spiral ?
Last but not least, we are introduced to Abby - the younger sister of Trey. She has been working as a nanny but during her last job , things got a bit heated and she found herself up and leaving but in doing so , she also lost herself and withdrew . Was coming to New York , the fresh start she needed and will she discover that having Cate and Renee as room-mates help her to start anew ? 
An awesome story about three girls who started off as room-mates and eventually discovered the true meaning of what it is to have a girlfriend :)

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