Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: Unexpected Gifts - Joyce Brennan

As today is a holiday, it's allowed me to catch up on some book reviews as I have been busy studying and working, this semester is nearly over for me :) about four more weeks to go and then it's only two more papers next semester and I am done .
Review: Unexpected Gifts - Joyce Brennan- January 2012
Unexpected Gifts , was a book that until I opened it like most stories I get sent I am not to certain what type of story it will be. Unexpected gifts starts off with the main character Elizabeth getting a phone call from her best friend Jess asking to come and visit. After the year Elizabeth has had, a year filled with pain,hurt and divorce . She jumps at the chance but when she arrives her friend Jess has a proposition for her. Jess's husband Eric has just received a promotion but  it is in Chicago not the small town of Driftwood and Jess has had her shop for sale but has had no takers. Now as a last resort, Jess wants Elizabeth to run her tea shop for a year and if she decides to after that year - it's hers to purchase. Elizabeth, though knows nothing about working in a tea shop as she has spent her life in Real Estate. Can Elizabeth bring in a profit and make the Tea Shop her own ? Elizabeth , still hurting from her divorce doesn't have relationships on her to do list but neither does Morgan Hart. However , what will happen when they both find themselves falling for each other ?
Unexpected Gifts is a story of when life has been keeping you down and then you are chucked a lifeline, seize the opportunity as you may never know what type of Unexpected Gifts it may bring you this season.
In a way this book reminded me of Trish Perry's novel "Tea For Two".

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