Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Which Way is my Home ? - John Pedicini

On the lookout for a Children's picture book ? Wanting to teach your child how to read ?
Review: Which Way is my Home ? - John  G. Pedicini- 2012
Are you looking for a cute story to read your child ? One that will teach them to learn to read and keep their attention long enough to listen to the story ?When reading to a child especially one so young, there are three main things that a book should have.  Firstly , the book should contain bright and colourful pictures as the children don't yet know the words of the story, so they look towards the pictures to gain an idea of what might be happening and interpret into a way that only they understand and also the bright colours and pictures hold the child's attention. Secondly, when reading to a child the book should not be too lengthy as children only have a short attention span so the book needs to be just the right length to capture the child and hold their attention while you have it. Last but not least , the book should hold either rhyming or repetitiveness in the sentences . This way you are teaching the child words that they will remember and also as they reach about 3-5 years it is great to read the children books that they can read along and interact with and words that repeat themselves on every page or second page are great. 
In John Pedicini's new book "Which Way is my Home" we meet Mo , a seagull who has gotten lost in the migration of the birds and cannot find his way home. In the story, Mo meets a number of different creatures including a Polar Bear , a puppy and a snail. During the story, we also met a group of children who have somehow gotten lost in the forest and cannot find their way home to their parents. The story holds a happy ending though as Mo meets the children and helps the children find their way home.
A great story and quick to read at only six pages long with approx 10-20 words per page .
Which Way is my Home ? is a children's book that I recommend all parents who are teaching their toddler's to read to add to their home reading collection.

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