Review: At Every Turn - Anne Mateer

Did you enjoy the Lake Manawa series by Lorna Seilstad ?
Have you read Wings on a Dream by Anne Mateer ?
If so, get ready for Anne's newest release "At Every Turn".
Review: At Every Turn - Anne Mateer - September 2012
Do you love reading historical novels , books set in the late 1800's/ early 1900's ? Christian fiction about strong women that don't nessecarily bend to societies rules as they want to make something of themselves and not just become another statistic as a housewife or society wife ? I love reading novels like this as it shows that out there, women are still independent in a way and that anything a man can do , as the song goes we can do better or too in this case. At Every Turn tells the story of society girl Alyce Benson, her father owns Benson Motors and races cars. When a group of missionaries from Africa comes to Alyce's church and talks about the children, Alyce is instantly captivated by the cause and decides that she can help raise them the money. Soon, though Alyce will discover that getting the money together isn't an easy task and that in order to raise the money , she will have to be crafty and this means being allowed to do the one thing she loves most in the world and the one thing that unfortunately women aren't supposed to do ... She is to race her father's cars ,with the help of the family mechanic Webster Little - Can Alyce achieve her goal ? What happens though , when Alyce soon discovers , that there are dishonest people in the world and when rumours start floating about Webster Little and Mr Trotter - her fathers assistant , who can she trust ?
Find out in another awesome and interesting historical christian fiction novel "At Every Turn" by Anne Mateer.


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review At Every Turn! I appreciate it very much. So glad you enjoyed Alyce and her story. :)


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