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As a fan of Christian fiction , I have to say that I love it when I get the chance to read and review the latest releases in this genre :). Today's VBT # is A Man of Honor - Loree Lough and is part of Pump Up Your Books VBT.
Review: A Man of Honor - Loree Lough - Book #3 First Responders Series - August 2012
When you think of what is A Man of Honor , what comes to your mind ? Is it somebody in the military ? Is it somebody you look up to in your community ? or is it somebody that you just love and respect so much that you can see and adhere to the standards they live by ?
A Man of Honor by Loree Lough , starts off like a crime novel in which a search and rescue team are set up to search for a missing girl named Missy Logan. On the SAR team is Reverend Dusty Parker , he ends up being paired up with Missy's teacher Grace Angel. This novel however is not a serial killer novel and the death of Missy does not play a huge part in the book . It is more the meeting of the duo rather than the events surrounding their meeting . Dusty runs a boys home called Last Chance , when Grace realises that she needs help with a teen girl -a friend passes on Dusty's details. Little does she realise that this is the same man she met and can't stop thinking about from the SAR team.  The novel then moves on and we read as Grace opens her home to Dusty and the boys. Has Grace finally found a reason for Angel Acres ? Is Dusty Parker - her man of Honor ? . Without giving too much of the story away, A Man of Honor is an emotional rollercoaster of pages with lots of up's and down's from gangs to death to hospital visits and the overwhelming power of love that Dusty shows and displays for the boys he has taken under his wing.
This is a series, that I wouldn't mind checking out the first two books as if they are anywhere near as good as the third, then it will be a great read.

I'm convinced that first responders are not like the rest of us. 
Whether cloaked in the uniforms of soldiers, firefighters, police officers, or EMTs, something inside enables each to silence doubt and fear and plow through danger to protect those who were not blessed with the trait. I am one of the Unblessed. To prove it, let me share a true story:
One dark, starless night, several dozen family members gathered around our campfire, whispering about reports that a mountain lion had been spotted in the area. My brother-in-law excused himself to use the facilities, and, true to his always-joking nature, tiptoed up the hill. When he crashed through the underbrush, growling like a grizzly, adults scattered like ashes on the wind. As our wide-eyed, S'mores-sticky kids said "What's going on!", we—the parents assigned to protect them—huddled on the cabin porch and faced the ugly truth: We could never again claim "I'll lay down my life for my children!"
While interviewing nearly 200 first responders who served on 9/11, I heard nearly 200 variations of the same story … and 200 ways of saying what this New York City policeman said: "I didn't give a thought to what might happen to me. I just wanted to get to my buddies, no matter what it took." He lost four fingers, digging through the smoking debris in search of his comrades. During my interview with one of the paramedics who carried the dead and dying to waiting ambulances, one said "I don't consider myself a hero … just a guy doing what anyone else would do under the same circumstances."
No, not "just a guy doing his job," I argued. And although I told my campfire story to underscore that truth, he still didn't get it. What more proof did I need to shore up my belief that first responders really aren't like the rest of us! Is it possible, I wondered, to show them how much we, the Unblessed Cowards, appreciate the matter-of-fact way they gear-up and stride nobly into the line of fire?
The First Responders series is my answer to that question, and I pray that every reader comes away with newfound respect and admiration for those who take John 15:13 a step beyond its meaning: "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay his life down for his friends."
How much greater is the gift of the brave men and women who humbly live those words daily ...
… for strangers.

About the Author:

With nearly four million 4- and 5-star books in circulation, reviewers and readers alike have called best-selling author Loree Lough “a gifted storyteller whose novels touch hearts and change lives.” The 3rd novel in her popular First Responders series, A Man of Honor (Loree’s 88th published book), reaches bookstore shelves this September. Loree and her husband live in the Baltimore suburbs and love spending time at their tiny cabin in the Allegheny Mountains, where she loves to show off her “i.d the critter tracks” skills. She loves to hear from readers (who can email her via http://www.loreelough.com) and answers every letter, personally.

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  1. Thanks so much for the review. We, as a society, could not get along without first responders and I thought it was important to try to show their strength of character in my books. Thanks again!



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