Review: The Puppet's Secret - Alex Sammis

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Review: The Puppet's Secret - Alex Samms - March 2012
Are you a fan of Stephen King's earlier works ? Books like Carrie, Misery , his short story anthologies like Everything's Eventual starring the book that was made into a film 1408 starring John Cusack. The Puppet's secret was a story that you could imagine would fit nicely in one of Stephen King's anthologies. To me it reminded me of the tale Misery in which the famous actor had an accident and the obsessed fan nursed him back to health and wouldn't let him leave.  In The Puppet's secret we meet wife and mother Angie and how the obsession of love can overwhelm and cause someone to go into a frenzied state almost to the point of wanting to kill someone. An innocent day at the beach and an unknown hot guy walking past is all it took . He had captured Angie's interest, she had no clue who he was - all she knew was she had to have him and would do absolutely anything to get him. The novel is set when the main character is an older woman and all her children have grown up and she is reflecting about the dark secret that she has kept inside all these years , and I thought I had secrets , none as bad as main character Angie's.
As this is a novella , it is a really quick read and one that will have you flipping through the pages . The only downside was that it wasn't long enough as I could have read more .


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