Review: The One I Left Behind - Jennifer McMahon

Readers prepare to be blown away in January 2013 , with the release of Jennifer McMahon's new serial killer novel . Trust me readers, if you love Crime stories then this is the book for you.
The One I Left Behind: A Novel
Review: The One I Left Behind: A Novel - Jennifer McMahon- January 2013
WOW , this was one of those books that you sit and read and when you have finished you are like OMG , it's over and I want more . The One I Left Behind was a WOWZA novel. The novel starts in 1985 with an excerpt of a murder case - a serial killer nicknamed Neptune. A serial killer who kidnapped women and cut off their right hands , sent them to the police and in four days they were strangled , set naked in a public place for the world to see them. Three women killed , the police etc are still stumped and then a fourth victim goes missing - a woman named Vera Dufrane. Her right hand cut and then the police wait expecting her body to turn up four days later - no body.  Fast forward Twenty-Five years later , Vera's daughter Reggie is a world-renowed architect and moved away from home as soon as she could as she didn't want to be known forever as the daughter of the woman they never found.  Living her life as planned until one day she gets a phone call , her aunt Lorraine tells her , her mother has just turned up to the Hospital alive and well.  The novel then flips to Reggie taking her mother home to Brighton Falls and the house their father and Reggie's grandfather built Monique's Wish named after her Grandmother. Soon girls start disappearing and hands start turning up , has the Neptune Killer rose from the dead and has his return got to do with the re-appearance of Reggie's mother Vera ? .
The One I Left Behind is told in parts , one that includes flashbacks to the incident that happened in 1985 and Reggie's memories as she tries to search for her mother , excerpts from a book that was written about the Neptune Killer by crime novelist Martha Paquette and last but not least the present time 2010 in which Reggie and old friends Tara and Charlie try to discover who the Neptune Killer is .
Can the threesome work together to solve the tale of the Killer before more victims are taken and can they get to the bottom of why Reggie's mother Vera was spared ?
All this and more in the amazing novel by Jennifer McMahon "The One I Left Behind: A Novel".



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