Review: Ransom River - Meg Gardiner

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Review: Ransom River - Meg Gardiner - July 2012
When getting mystery books to read , like most books they can be a touch and go read . For me , I am not huge on the details and find that some mysteries and thrillers etc can go on and on with forensic details etc like for instance I have tried to read a few other authors and for the life of me, I cant get into their books but Meg Gardiner has written for all those mystery lovers like me , who love to pick up a book and be so entranced and hooked on what is happening and what happens next, so that we don't want to ever put it down.
The novel starts off with the main character being called back home for jury service , for a high profile murder case. This is the first time in years that Rory Mackenzie has stepped back into her hometown of Ransom River. The case is all going as normal , until two men burst in with guns and the courtroom is being held hostage.  Later the hostages are released and life should return back to normal , but unfortunately the hostage situation is a little deeper than what meets the surface and the intended target was Rory Mackenzie. It seems that a crime happened twenty-five years ago when Rory was a little girl and somehow alot of people think she has what they are looking for. Can Rory remember what happened twenty-five years ago let alone what happened last year ? Soon Rory will find herself bang smack in the middle of a game of life and death , people she thought she could trust are out to get there and as we will discover in Ransom River , being family and having the same bloodlines does not mean alot in fact it is what could get you killed.
With her life in danger and those around her , should she flee to safety or will Rory do the right thing and fight to save the lives of the few she loves and those she knows deep down care for her still ?
A fast paced novel that you won't want to put down until the very last page and a book filled with twists and turns.




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