Review: Children of the In-Between - Jodee Taylah

Who hear remembers the creation Emily the Strange ? If , you loved her then Jodee Taylah's new book "Children of the In-Between" will be definitely one that you will want to add to your bookshelf.
Review: Children of the In-Between - Jodee Taylah - April 2011
When I was younger , I always had a fascination with Emily the Strange . I thought the character was awesome but as the way my parents were , I was never allowed to really have anything with that kind of symbolism but as I got older they soon let me make my own decisions and by that stage I had slowly moved out of the Emily the Strange stage and into Vampires and the Supernatural/Paranormal.
Children of the In-Between is a sophisticated picture book aimed at the teen audience as some of the images and words could scar younger children.  I loved the book as it holds an Edgar Allan Poe feel of The Raven and The Tell-tale heart. 
Children of the In-Between is written in a diary format and as we learn in the first few pages it is all about the Eleven minute death of the main character who is a 14yr old girl named Elizabeth Madison. In her death, she experienced and discovered the answer of "Most people have a subconscious fear of death... or what comes after death..... or even before . Fear of the unknown perhaps ?  It's the question we all ask ourselves at one point in our lives: What comes next ? "  So Elizabeth Maddison decides to write a collection of letters and sketches of her notes , the people she meet and sketches of the place she went to explain what she saw while in the In-Between. Elizabeth whilst writing this was living in Burton Asylum.  We meet characters like Tragic - The Goddess of the In-Between who is also The Reaper , The Game Master who reminded me of The Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland , Charlotte - a punk mohawked violinist and of course what would the in-between be without a female version of the Living Doll - Annabelle and of course for all us literary fans our favourite Mr. Professor Poe makes an appearance.  Even if you aren't into this stuff normally , this book is one that will have to be perused if not for the text but the amazing artwork.
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