Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: G'Day USA - Tony McFadden

Wanting a Young Adult novel ? One that is a crossover for both Teens and Adults ?
Do you love a good murder mystery with a bit of Hollywood chucked in the mix ?
Review: G'Day USA - Book #2 Ellie Bourke Series - Tony McFadden - February 2012
So while waiting for my hair to set from getting it dyed, I decided to grab my Ipad and read a book from Kindle and I thought why,not go to one of the earliest ones it seems I downloaded as I have so much on there and it turned out to be G'day USA.  Now this is Book #2 of a series, but as I had'nt read the first one - you always tend to be a bit wary as you wonder if you can read the story still and have a clue what is happening. Lucky for me, Book #2 can be read as a stand-alone novel. It does however make references to Book #1 G'day LA , but if you are like me , then it is easy to fill-in-the blanks of what is happening. 
G'day USA tells the story of up-coming Australian actress Ellie Bourke . She is about to premiere in a new film called "Blood Thunder" everything is starting to look up finally especially with the guy who killed her best friend behind Bars. Though it seems , that the fame and happiness is short-lived as her friends Killer is released and then a few days later he is murdered and it seems that all the evidence points to Ellie . Scared and frightened, she knows that she was set up. So can Ellie find out who killed him and set her up before it's too late ? It looks like though, that the Killer is hot on Ellie's trail and she's his next victim. How many people will the Killer leave in the way before Ellie is captured ? When the killer turns out to be someone Ellie knows and trusts, who can she turn to for help or is she alone ?
Find out in this awesome indie novel by Tony McFadden , a novel that will keep the reader wanting to read and find out who Killed Sweeney and is setting up Ellie and the million dollar question is WHY ?????????????

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