Review: The Proper care and Maintenance of Friendship - Lisa Verge Higgins

On the lookout for a good chicklit novel ? Love novels about the sisterhood of friendships ?
Have you read Lisa Verge Higgins , book "One good friend deserves another" ?
Review: The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship - Lisa Verge Higgins - January 2011
I first read Lisa's book "One good friend deserves another" and I loved it so much. It made me feel in a way a bit sad as I would have loved a group of friends like that but as I spent so much time moving around, it just didn't work out. Thank goodness, now though for the internet as I do have a great group of friends online who I can chat to about anything and have a set of good laughs.  I enjoyed Lisa's book so much, that I decided to check out what else she had written and came across her earlier book "The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship". In this book we meet four friends Rachel , Jo, Kate and Sarah - they meet when they were younger and now have moved on with their lives but always stayed close.  This novel is all about facing your fears and finding out who you really are and what you are capable off.  The novel starts off with Rachel passing away and the three remaining friends recieving letters , each containing a dying wish from Rachel and a list of instructions for them to complete that wish. For Kate, now a mother and wife - her whole life is planned and mundane at times. Prior motherhood Kate was the life of the party and now in order to pump that spice back into her life,  Rachel has challenged her to go sky-jumping. In going sky-jumping will Kate re-discover her passion in life for adventure but at the same time will she lose her marriage as she starts to wonder - What If and is she really happy in her life ?
Sarah, has only ever loved one person in her life and for the past fourteen years she has been holding a place for him in her heart , Rachel challenges Sarah to go and find him and to see whether it is true romance or time for closure. When Sarah does find him , the chemistry is still sizzling , but is it real or just in the moment ? It seems Sarah has captured the eye of fellow work colleague Sam ? Is Sam her Mr. Right ? and last, but not least Jo - she is the least likely one of them to ever have children , but she has deep down in her the mothering instincts. Will Jo readily accept Rachel's wishes as guardian of her daughter Grace ?
Find out all this and more in the amazing Sisterhood novel of "The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship" by Lisa Verge Higgins and if you haven't checked out her other book "One good friend deserves another" do so.


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