Review: The Vessel - Michael Anderson

As a big supporter of Indie authors , I try not only to have my mix of popular authors like Harlan Coben, Matt Hilton , James Patterson etc but I also like to boost the popularity of Indie authors as these are the books that not many people get to hear about. One of the things I also love about Indie authors, is that every now and again you find treasures.
Today's book is an Indie read that if you love Fantasy novels , different worlds etc you will really enjoy.
Review: The Vessel - Book #1 The Machinations - Michael Alexander - August 2011
Imagine what your wedding day would be like ? It's supposed to be the happiest day of your life and all about YOU, so what would you do to make it special ? The novel starts off with the main character Xela all dressed up in her wedding dress , wishing that her mother could be here to see her and that she is over the moon as she married for love not for anything else or because she had too. All is ready to go until tragedy strikes on her wedding day and not only is her father killed , but also the man she was supposed to marry. Unfortunately though , the cause of the madness was her brother's Fael's fault. Can Xela find it in her heart to forgive her brother or will the anger and hurt she feels boil up to reveal chaos and a heart filled to the brim with exacting revenge of him ? Join Xela on a journey of revenge and read as the thought of revenge will start to eat away at her and she will find herself embroiled into a world of darkness and her journey of revenge may result in more sadness and death to the kingdom than she ever imagined.
The Vessel , is a story of one's womans journey to exact revenge on those who hurt her, but later realises that with revenge comes consequences and those consequences can end up more deadly and damaging to those around her, more so than just the deaths of her loved ones.


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