VBT# Hereafter - Terri Bruce

Looking for a supernatural read ? Something to inspire you about the Afterlife ?
Today's VBT# is author Terri Bruce and her new book "Hereafter" , here today on The Phantom Paragrapher.
Review: Hereafter - Terri Bruce - August  2012
This is one of those books where I first fell in love with the cover as I admit , I Paula Phillips am a book cover junkie . I am a sucker for the cover of books and fall into more often than not the cliche of Don't Judge a book by it's cover as I do. Sometimes it doesn't pay off and the book ends up BORING as a few I have read or tried to read but other times it is not only an amazing cover but also an amazing book like Terri Bruce's new novel "Hereafter".
Ever thought that dying would be awful , it's like that once you are dead you can no longer have fun , sleep around and have a good time if that's what you do etc . For me , I am so hoping that there is a great afterlife as it would be boring to think Oh, after I die Im just going to spend the rest of my life buried in the ground with insects eating at my body :P.
In Hereafter , we meet main character Irene who after a night of bar-hopping with her friends , hops in her car and ends up well .... DEAD . But instead of all the crossing to the otherside like where read in books and watch on TV shows like Medium and The Ghost Whisperer . Irene ends up as what Melinda Gordon on Ghost Whisperer would call - an Earthbound ghost. Though Irene is about to discover that being a ghost and stuck on earth is no fun as she cant do anything that she did when she was alive on earth and to make matters worse , the only person who can see her - isn't even a hot guy , it's a geeky fourteen year old genius who is obsessed with Ghosts and the Afterlife.  Can Jonah , the kid get Irene to the afterlife or will she find herself stuck on Earth forever and with only Jonah's company ?
A fun and enjoyable novel ,  for those who love the feisty heroine that we often read in Paranormal and Supernatural Fantasy novels will love Irene and the flavour that Terri Bruce has given her.
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