Review: Pride and Popularity - Jenni James

Do you love Jane Austen ? Are you a fan of modern renditions of classic novels ?
As reader's know, I am a huge fan of renditions and one of my most favourite set of renditions are ones based on the stories of Jane Austen.
Review: Pride and Popularity - Book #1 The Jane Austen Diaries - July 2011
Do you always find it interesting when you read other people's reviews on books ? Especially if it is a book that you enjoyed ? For me, whenever I review a book, I always like to check out the one-two star reviews on Goodreads as I sometimes can't believe that people waste all that time to write a negative review.
I will admit as soon as I read the Jane Austen part and that it was a modern rendition of one of her tales, I was immediately hooked and knew I just had to read it. I Paula Phillips am a sucker for two things that this book had 1) It has a Jane Austen Connection and 2) It is a rendition novel.
Pride and Popularity starts off with newcomer Chloe Hart and the setting is her and her new friends Alyce and Madison at a Basketball game and the pair of them are fawning over the hottest guy in school Taylor Anderson. Chloe, not really that impressed soon joins the fan club as he introduces himself to her. The novel then flips forward three years and Chloe is Number #1 on the I hate Taylor Anderson Campaign. One more year and she is out of there for good and no more Taylor. Though it seems that this year is all about Taylor as he turns up in her Art class.  This book made me laugh in places as the main character Chloe has a thing where she substitues swear words for silly words like sugarplum fairies and chickenbutt :) . Without giving too much of the story away as we all know the tale of Pride and Prejudice, to get the gist imagine Pride and Prejudice in the 21st Century and instead of Regency England , think your local high school.
This is a series that I look forward to reading the remaining books and seeing how the other renditions pan out.
A rundown on Characters and How they Relate to Pride and Prejudice:
  • Chloe "Elizabeth" Hart - Elizabeth Bennett
  • Taylor "Darcy" Anderson - Will Darcy
  • Zach - Charles Bingley
  • Zach's stepsister Emma - Caroline Bingley
  • Alyce - Jane Bennett
  • Cassidy Hart  - Lydie Bennett
  • Madison - Charlotte Lucas
  • Collin Farnsworth - Mr.Collins
  • Blake Winters - Mr. Wickham
  • Taylor's four-year old sister Gracie - Georgina Darcy


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