Review: Capturing Angels - V.C Andrews

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Review; Capturing Angels - V.C. Andrews - August 2012
Are you a fan of V.C Andrews books ? I have been a fan ever since I first read the "real" Virginia Andrews book "Flowers in the Attic" and then I went on a reading binge and read everything of her's that I could get my hands on and then from there went post her death and started reading the V.C Andrews books. So when I saw this one, I knew I just had to read it . When I saw the cover , I had no idea what I was in for but as I read the first chapter I was thrown headfirst into a tale of child abduction as we meet Grace and her daughter Mary. While shopping one day, Grace turns her back for a second and when she swings around her daughter Mary is missing. Soon the reader is embroiled into a tale of Cops, FBI, Amber Alerts as the whole world sets out to find Mary. Soon days pass , months and eventually years pass and Grace and John are left with the thoughts that they may never see their daughter alive again.  Grace wanting closure discovers that the only person she can turn too is Detective Abrahams.  Is Grace pulling away from her husband ? Does John blame Grace for their daughter's disappearance ? Will they ever have their daughter returned to them safely ?
Capturing Angels is a story that starts off really good and engrosses the reader but then after a few chapters in , it starts to slow down and I found in some parts the novel dragged but readers this is one of those books where I will peer pressure you into continuing as it does near the last few chapters start to pick up and capture your attention.
An interesting read and look at the work of miracles, religion and faith-healers.


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