Review: Fangtabulous - Lucienne Diver

Looking for a new fashionista Vampire series to read ?
Have you read Lucienne Diver's series Vamped ?
Are you a fan of Katie McAllister's or Jaz Park's Vampire books , if so you will enjoy this read ?
Review: Fangtabulous - Book#4 Vamped Series - Lucienne Diver - January 2013
When I first saw this book , I thought Lucienne Diver had created a new series as I remember years ago reading her book Vamped. To my surprise it is the same series and is Book #4 . Way back in Vamped we meet High school student Gina who had become a vampire and she wasn't going to let it stop her from enjoying the perks of eternal life and her current life starting with of course getting a whole new wardrobe. It seems that Gina has now adjusted to life as a Vampire and years later in Fangtabulous, she is now on the run from the  Feds where she once worked as a spy and hanging out with her Vampire family and some of the same characters from her earlier books. It seems that Gina and her friends/family are on the run and the best place to hide due to a friend of a friend reference is the town of Salem , Masschuettes - yes that Salem where they held all the Witchcraft trials and Puritans lived centuries ago. It seems though, that their is evil and not the ordinary type of evil but something killing people in Salem . It turns out to be the spirit of one of the Salem Trial Inspectors and if Gina and her friends aren't careful, they may very well too end up on his list of victims. Can Gina and her friends not only solve the crime, but try and stay under the radar from police as they were on the run in the first place and of course , can Gina and best friend Macy keep their fashion uptodate or will they have to abandon their usual outfits and go undercover dressed as Quakers and Puritans to fit in ?
Find out in Fangtabulous. A novel that fans of Katie McAllister's books will love and enjoy as it follows in the same tradition.


  1. Good review. I cant wait to start this one its been on my tbr for a while now.


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