Review: Terrance Texter : Adventures in Mobile Phone Land Series

Do you have a mobile phone ? Does your children ? With the current popularity of cellphones it makes sense that almost every single person has or knows somebody with a cellphone.  Author Marie-Antoinette Burell  has released a new Children's book called "Terrance Texter: Adventures in Mobile Phone Land".
Review: Terrance Texter : Adventures in Mobile Phone Land Series - Marie Antoinette Burell -2012
In a world where everyone has a cellphone , it seems that there needs to have rules and safety measures put in place. This tale tells us about a Kingdom where everyone had a cellphone or a kind of phone from a Blueberry to a Space Android etc . Everyone was constantly texting and not looking where they were going until accidents started to happen from people walking into buildings to people driving while texting and crashing. The whole town ended up in chaos - it was Saradoodledom . So Miss Toadd decided to put in measures to stop people from Texting while driving. This picture book is aimed at 4-8yr olds and I think if they had a phone it might prepare them for what is to come but in my personal opinion I loved the story but like the books about Road Safety, I think that aiming at 4-6yr old is still a bit too young as they are going to follow what mum and dad do and are still at that age to hold mum and dad's hand as they cross the road etc and I personally think under 8yrs is too young to have a cellphone as I didnt recieve my firsy phone until I was 15yrs old.
Other than that , the story was awesome and the book contained amazing and bright and colourful illustrations that will capture any child's attention.


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