Review: One good friend deserves another - Lisa Verge Higgins

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Review: One good friend deserves another - Lisa Verge Higgins - June 2012
I think it's because I never really had the closeknit group of girlfriends growing up as we always moved from place to place but I love reading novels with a strong female friendship connection. Women who have known each other for over twenty years and are still friends and they are still there for each other and their friendships are concrete, they never waiver.
In the novel we meet best friends since college - Kelly , Dhara , Wendy and Marta , when in college over a weekend of heartbreaks , romantic disasters the foursome developed "The Dating Rules" , a set of six rules that they were to never break in order to perfect their happiness and the perfect relationship. Now years later, the rules are starting to fail as each of them have broken one of the 6 rules.
Rule #1 ) Choose your own man - Dhara the only Indian in the group , was in love with Cole but when problems arose she ran the opposite direction , now with her biological clock ticking and the fear of being an old spinster - she has asked her parents to arrange an marriage for her. Will she go through with the marriage to Sudesh or will she discover that her heart is really yearning for Cole ? Find out which path Dhara will take and with a few unhelpful interventions with her friends.
Rule #2 and #5 ) Make sure your friends approve and Never make the same mistake twice - For Kelly has a secret , she has been secretly dating Wendy's brother Trey -knowing that her friends wouldn't approve they have been doing it in private but now Trey wants things to be made public , what will the reactions of Kelly's friends be ? and back in college Kelly dated Trey once and all was going well until he publicly humiliated her by posting about their conquests. Will Kelly follow rule #5 and depart ways with Trey or will her heart be too willing to give him another shot ?
Rule #4)- Trust your instincts is about to shed some light into Marta's life as for the past months her boyfriend Carlos has been shady and not wanting to take the next step in their relationship, he also keeps making excuses not to introduce her to his family. What happens when Marta walks in on Carlos skyping a woman who turns out to be his wife ?  Has Marta taken the role of being a mistress ? Will she continue to play the part or will she trust her instincts and move on ?
Rule #3 and #6) No one night stands and after a break-up , wait six months before dating again. Wendy is about to get married and with her wedding coming up quickly, her mind shouldn't be wandering but when she meets artist Gabriel, she is reminded of the "real" Wendy. Will she break rule #3 or will she do the right thing and break her engagement off with Parker ? Should Wendy choose Parker or Gabriel ?
A fun novel that will have all in an uplifiting mood :)



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