Review: On the Seventh Day - TD Jakes

Are you looking for a good strong christian novel ? One that contains not only anticipation, thrills and OMG moments ?
Do you love African-American fiction ?
What about the preacher TD Jakes, are you like us and seen him preach on ShineTV or christian channels ?
Review: On the Seventh Day - TD Jakes - November 2013
WOW , have you ever read or picked up a book and thought hmm , this should be good and you have an expectation of that author to produce an amazing piece of work. For me , as soon as I saw this advertised as a movie a few weeks ago and that it was based on a book by African- American preacher TD Jakes, I knew I just had to read it and that it would be amazing as I had read one of his books "Woman: Thou Art Loosed" about three+ years ago and I was reading it on the bus and had to actually put the book down as I honestly had tears of sadness rolling down my face - talk about embarrasing for myself. His story had moved me so much and for me to have tears rolling down my cheeks, not just the watery eyes but actual tears shows that this was an emotional and touching story.
On the Seventh Day to a christian could mean the story of God's creation but for this family it meant terror and worry that they may never see their daughter again. Meet the Ames family - Kari, David and their four-yr old daughter Mikayla. They are a god-fearing family and love each other to bits and have no secrets or so they thought and discovered. Somebody in their area is kidnapping children and holding them for six days and then on the seventh day , they are found dead. When Kari and David's daughter goes missing , the worse is feared - has the M.K killer kidnapped their daughter ?  So begins a seven day countdown, however in the week , David and Kari are about to discover that sometimes you really don't know the person you married and how easy it is to forget who you are and be judged on your past.  When Kari's past comes into light , she finds herself suddenly alone and in the spotlight, has someone from her past kidnapped Mikayla to teach her a lesson ? David, on the other hand has always prided himself in being a married man and a son of the Christ but when things get tough in his marriage and he no longer feels supported, will he turn towards temptation in the form of Beth - his TA ?  When FBI Agent Will turns up - Kari's first love , will she return to him or will she stand by her husband David ? Will they find their daughter DOA ?
Find out all this and more in the amazing and outstanding novel by TD Jakes. This is one book that you will not want to miss and I would highly recommend it to all.



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