Review: By the Seat of her Pants - Jenifer Rubloff

Looking for a book for your Tween to read ? Do they love spygirl stories and tales of boardin school woes ? Did they love the movie Wild Child starring Emma Roberts ?
Review: By the seat of her Pants -Book #2 Betsy Butters Series - Jenifer Rubloff- August 2012
When I was younger, I used to love tales of boarding school books. One of the ones I read was about these girls who went to a boarding school in Switzerland and stayed at a Chalet. From then , I was hooked and I spent all my pocket money buying the old Annuals as they had comic strips about similar tales and then as I got older and recently I have loved books like A Touch of Frost series by Jennifer Estep and Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins.
That's why when I was asked to review this book, I thought hmmm I love stories like this and I was right. In Book #2 , we learn that Betsy is an orphan and a girl of whom trouble tends to follow as in Book #1 we learn she was kidnapped in a human trafficking ring and her teacher had a stolen Van Gogh painting in which Betsy retrieved and swapped it with an Fake.  In Book #2 Betsy is off to France with her friend Marie, to spend Christmas Vacation with them. For Betsy , this is a dream come true and as I was reading the book - I too am planning to go to Paris in a few years and I was marvelling at the different sights in the book.  Of course, what's a little vacation without a holiday romance as Betsy meets Alex - who happens to be a Detective's son. When vacation ends , the girls start school in the Swiss Alps and Betsy ends up in an accident. Is someone out to get her ? Do they know about the switched paintings ? Read as Betsy and her friends put together their detective skills to find out whose after Betsy and what they know.
By the Seats of Her Pants is a fun book for girls between 10-13yrs and a read that if they love stories like Nancy Drew,EJ-12 and Jane Blonde they will thoroughly enjoy the adventures of Betsy Butters.


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