Review: Juliet Immortal - Stacey Jay

Do you love the tale of Romeo and Juliet ?
Ever wondered what might have happened , had they been given a second chance at life ?
Would it have remained one of the world's most famous tragedies ?
Review: Juliet Immortal - Book #1 Juliet Immortal Series - Stacey Jay - August 2011
Those who know me will know that I am a big fan , a huge fan of renditions . I love the originals but I am a bigger fan of retellings. So when I saw Juliet Immortal , a modern retelling with a twist of Romeo and Juliet there was  no doubt in my mind that I had to read it.  The novel starts in Verona, Italy with Romeo and Juliet then in Chapter 2 , it flips to modern day life and the readers are thrown into the deep end of trying to discover what is actually happening. This was the part I didn't like about the book and so for readers, you may find the beginning slow and confusing but trust me it does definitely pick up and as you read page by page you gain a deeper understanding of what is actually happening in the story. We learn that centuries ago , upon what should have been the death of Romeo and Juliet they chose to take vows . In which Romeo went to the dark side of the Mercenaries and Juliet to the light side of the Ambassadors.  Juliet in order to be reincarnated , she must save lives and until their life is fulfilled to where it should be she becomes that person and Romeo falls into bad people and every shift tries to kill Juliet so they can be reunited once again.  This shift though is different as Juliet becomes Ariel , a shy girl with one friend named Gemma. On the night of the shift , Ariel is out on a date with Dylan- the school jerk who Ariel has just discovered that he has a "She's all that movie " bet on her . Angry, she tries to kill him but she is not quick enough and Romeo enters Dylan's body. Now Ariel angry meets Ben , on her way home from the accident. Now this is where it got a tad confusing as Ben turns out to be Gemma's boyfriend. Fast forward to school the next day , can Ariel help her feelings towards Ben ? Will Dylan try to make the moves on Ariel ? Is Gemma jealous of all the newfound attention that Ariel is getting ? Will Romeo be able to sweet-talk Juliet into loving him again after all these centuries ? and of course , we discover just how Shakespeare came up with the play "Romeo and Juliet".
A fun but at first confusing tale which does get better and when it ends you will be like OMG and will want to get onto reading Book #2 Romeo Redeemed.


  1. Romeo Redeemed is a bit confusing at times also, but I loved both books. I did however have a problem on how the author made Romeo in the first kind of broke my heart

    1. I know, same here as I love the tale of Romeo and in the first book he was such a jerk which made you think she was better off with Ben. I think in the first book Romeo was just pure evil.


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