Review: The Dirt - Lori Culwell

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Review: The Dirt - Lori Culwell - November 2011
Going through my Kindle and reading all the books on there, I thought I would start from the bottom up and isn't it funny that if you buy so many books , you often don't even remembering purchasing the book :P. When I saw this book, I thought hmm I must have brought it because I love the cover and it reminds me of an Upper East Side Book. It was an awesome read and it's a shame that it was a one-off as I would love to have read more books and it does have the potential for more tales.
The Dirt by Lori Culwell focuses on the Whitley Family and is told from the POV of main character Lucy Whitley. We learn that Lucy, the brains of the family can't wait to escape her family and head to boarding school where she will not have to be part of "The Whitley Scandal" and live her family dramas. All goes to plan until the day of her dad's wedding to their stepmother Lisa . As Mr .Whitley and Lisa are about to say "I Do" , an uninvited guest arrives and stops the wedding. The guest turns out to be Megan Whitley , who nine years ago disappeared off the face of the earth with the girls mother Julia. Now the wedding has been postponed and the whole family are under surveillance as the FBI are investigating the return of Megan and if she is in fact who she says she is. So the Whitley family has to go into hiding and brave the wilderness . Join Lucy and her sisters Sloane - Miss Popular and Homecoming Queen , Frankie - the baby of the family and definitely the outdoorsy one of the siblings and of course Megan - the newest addition who is a Goth, Vegan etc. Can the Whitley family get along together for once or will spending time with each other , reduce them to tactics of Blackmail and revealing Dirt on each other once and for all.


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