Monday, October 3, 2016

Blitz for The Faction Wars with Martina McAtee.

The Faction Wars
Four factions.
Four deserving charities.
Tons of ways to earn points.
 Points you will earn for your faction and for yourself.
 Points you can redeem for swag and other cool prizes.
 And one person who will walk away with a grand prize which will include:

15 signed paperbacks
         Book swag
         $100 Book Depository Gift Card
         A ‘walk-on’ role in Book 4 of my Dead Things Series representing your faction.

Each Factions Charity:
Getting Sorted into Your Factions
Step 1: Follow this link: martinamcatee.com
Step 2: Click the button that says Find Your Faction
Step 3: Take the Quiz or click on your Faction's Badge
Step 4: Read about your faction and scroll to the bottom and click Join your faction.
Step 5: Join The Faction Wars Event Page Here for Updates
Click Here to join today!

1 comment:

  1. Paula aka The Phantom Paragrapher's Faction - Reapers

    Whether you’re a collector like Kai or a banshee like Tristin you are committed to everything you do; often to your own detriment. Some say you are stubborn but you feel you are simply determined and have a can-do attitude. You aren’t the type to let something like the prospect of a painful, agonizing death get in the way of doing what must be done. Sure, you’re a bit hardheaded but your love of beautiful things helps offset your somewhat rigid fortitude. You see the beauty in everything from an old photograph, painful scars or a cheesy ‘90’s movie.


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