Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Review: Everything Has Changed - Mia Kayla

What would you do if you met your "The One" when you were a child ? Could you ever imagine growing up and getting married to them ? When Bliss Carrington was six years old, her family moved back to her mother's hometown and next door to her best friend growing up. Bliss suddenly had a best friend with Jimmy Brason - her mum's friend Claire's son. Over the years through their entire schooling , Jimmy and Bliss were inseparable and they remained best friends through college and shared each other's special moments. Then something changed, Bliss went to New York and thought she would surprise Jimmy but saw him in the arms of a model and they looked rather cosy. Bliss's heart broke and she returned home . The book then jumps to present time and Bliss and her college friend run into Jimmy at a local bar as he's in town. The pair catch up and it's just like old times, though feelings for Bliss have changed and soon everything starts to change as another old school friend Ethan comes back into the picture and asks Bliss out. Is this the push that Jimmy needs to finally realise that Bliss has loved him all these years ? Will Bliss finally tell Jimmy the truth and that she has loved him ever since she was six years old ? If you are a sucker for friends to lovers type stories and true love and everything that goes with it - then check out Everything Has Changed by Mia Kayla today.


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