Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Review: Hooked on Love - Jennie Marts

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Hooked on Love (Cotton Creek Romance)

Review: Hooked on Love - Cotton Creek Romance - Jennie Marts - October 2016
In the world of Journalism, we often take what we can and as a female we have to prove ourselves over and over again. Avery Oliver has been writing for an outdoor magazine and if she can prove that she can handle this current piece and do an awesome job, there is a possible promotion in line for her.  Sullivan Reed loves and lives for the outdoors and ever since his wife left him and told him he was boring, the only companion he really has and trusts is his dog. Sullivan aka Sully is your typical small town country boy. Hooked on Love starts with mishaps and mayhem as you can put a city girl in the country, but you can never remove the city life from then as Avery screams the shop down with a snake in her pants. Sullivan Reed has never seen anyone like Avery and there is something about her that has been sparking up the body parts he forgot existed. What happens though when you take a city girl and give her to a country boy to teach about fishing ? If you are this pair, then expect fireworks, confused feelings that lead to a bordering fake/real relationship and a whole lot of fun and laughs as Avery tries to learn her way around a fishing rod and the hooks.  What will happen though when it's time for Avery to return back to the big city ? Will she say goodbye and never look back on Cotton Creek or will she discover that Cotton Creek has stolen her heart and that she belongs in the smalltown with Sullivan Reed ?
If you love Fishing, Writing and Romance then check out Jennie Marts new Entangled Lovestruck title "Hooked on Love".

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