Sunday, October 2, 2016

VBT# Almost Me - K. Leigh Winters

Growing up , a favourite series of movies was The Cutting Edge . The movies featured an ice skater and her coach whom she eventually fell in love with, they followed her movements on the ice , her achievements and then the escapement from her parents. The ice was all the female character had ever known, it was what made her happy and then someone and something else came into her life and she was thrown off balance . The movies always did get a HEA in the end but it did take a lot of going back and forth.  For me, that's what I found Almost Me by K.Leigh Winters to be similar to as in the beginning we meet Claire who is out skating on the ice and we discover that - she and the ice have been friends for a very long time and it is or at least was her life. We also meet Alex, an ex-boyfriend who we can tell cares about Claire but can't seem to get through to her. Meeting Alex, I did wonder whether he was going to play a bigger part in the story but had to admit I was surprised at the twist of events when Liam was introduced.  Liam is a bartender at a bar that Claire frequents and we can also read that Claire has a fancy for Mr. Bartender. When life starts getting out of hand for Claire, she feels she can't rely on anyone or trust anyone but Liam as we all know from movies and books that bartenders are great listeners and advice givers - she leans on him. Then here comes the book clincher as something that neither party saw coming and it will rock both their worlds entirely and Liam is left with the ultimatum and decision to stay by Claire or put himself first.  Personally I found Almost Me a little slow to read and found Claire quite hard to connect to as a character as she seemed quite rude and arrogant, which this could partly been due to her upbringing and her social awkwardness of not having a childhood due to her life revolving around her ice-skating.
 However if you love Ice-Skating movies like The Cutting Edge, Ice Princess etc - then check out Almost Me by K. Leigh Winters today.

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