Monday, November 19, 2018

Cover Reveal - Tag You're Mine (Childhood Games #2) - T.L Osborn


TAG: You're Mine. Book 2 Childhood Games series.

Release Date: TBA

Thanks to the awesome team that is David Wills and Lou Gray for making this happen. I love this cover.



The shutter speed on my love life has stalled, along with the plot for my next story. Swearing off men and the next chapter of my book, fresh air leads to a new muse. He’s arrogant and a billionaire. I want to smack him, but the tree did that for me.
With my new found inspiration, I use him for all I can. My cover photo, book boyfriend and fantasy. Only, somewhere along the way, the fantasy lens fell off and love seeped in. The problem—he’s hiding something—and I’m not sure my heart can take another blow.


Women are all the same. They take your heart for granted and leave you broken and bruised. I will never love or trust another woman again. Being a muse though... I can do that. If it lands me in her bed even better.
Somehow being a source of inspiration for her has led to so much more. Riley consumes me, invading my thoughts, dreams and fantasies. If only my past wounds of betrayal would heal. Then maybe I could tag Riley and make her mine.

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While You Are Waiting for Book #2 

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