Review: Child Star - Part #1 - JJ McAvoy

Childstar 1 (Childstar, #1)

Review: Childstar - Part #1 - J.J McAvoy - October 2015
Years ago, back when Amelia and Noah were kids, they starred together on a TV show called Kid Genius. They shared everything from their first kisses and losing her V card and of course her first heartbreak. Unfortunately for Amelia being a star meant her life was splashed in the tabloids. As Amelia and Noah went their separate ways, Amelia became Hollywood's Good Girl and America's sweetheart whereas Noah lived to the hype and became Hollywood's Bad Boy and the hottest male actor. There's a new movie at stake called Sinners Like Us which reads like Fifty Shades of Grey and Noah has been cast as the role of the central star Damon and guess who has been cast as the female lead Blaire, none other than Amelia. With their pent-up anger at one another and their long-standing history, can the pair work together? What will happen when Amelia discovers a nasty truth that both Noah and her mother have been hiding from her all these years? ChildStar Part #1 does end on a cliffhanger and is part of three books. I have to admit I grew to like Amelia as she had some balls on her. I hated Noah though as a character as unlike Amelia, he needed to build a pair. If you love Hollywood, Movies and the Lives behind the screens - then check out Childstar Part#1 today.


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