Review: My Beautiful Suicide - Atty Eve

My Beautiful Suicide (My Beautiful Suicide, #1)

Review: My Beautiful Suicide - Book #1 My Beautiful Suicide Series - Atty Eve - October 2013

This was an exciting read as I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to get with the title of this book. In this book, we meet Cosette Hugo whose brother Victor died and then her dad left her family for a new family. There is a serial killer gang harming the blonde woman, and Cosette is going through trouble at school with a bully named Hilda. One night Cosette is running and interrupts a couple of attackers who are trying to rape and kill a female which turns out to be none other than Hilda. Cosette stumbles into it and kills her first victim. She then heads home and becomes consumed with the guilt; soon she starts to develop an alter ego called Bonnie. During the book too, we learn the dark truth about one of her close friends and eventually boyfriend, Chris aka Clyde. This was an odd book but an easy read. Definitely what I would call a dark YA fiction and edgy story.  This book also ends on a cliffhanger that will want you grabbing the next book in the series.


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