Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Review : 99 Days - Annalisa Grant

99 Days

Review: 99 Days - Annalisa Grant - August 2016

It's incredible what a split decision can do to one's life. For Caroline Paterson, doing what she thought was a good deed and helping a stranger, ended up her worst nightmare. Caroline Paterson ended up being abducted from her small town and was held captive for 99 Days by an evil man named Mud and his younger brother Owen. Locked in their cabin, she was subjected to rape and torture as seemed that Mud had a rape fantasy fetish. Owen, on the other hand, was Caroline's bright spot during her kidnapping. Owen was born with an intellectual disability and is like a little kid, she teaches him to read and plays games with him. On the 100th day Caroline manages to escape, but when she returns home, she is like a leper as nobody knows how to act around her and the one person she loved most in the world is gone. With pain and revenge on the mind, Caroline decides to go and hunt down her kidnapper. What will she find when she discovers his true identity? Will Caroline this time be the one with all the power and in doing so, can she save and free Owen?
Find out in this edgy, dark YA - 99 Days by Annalisa Grant.

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