Friday, November 23, 2018

Review: The Pope - Cards of Love - LP Lovell

Cards of Love: The Pope

Review: The Pope - Cards of Love Collection - L.P Lovell - October 2018
Delilah grew up loving the bad boys and was enjoying life, that was until one of her decisions left her best friend – the only person who ever cared about her profoundly - dead. Delilah's life starts to head off track as the guilt is eating her up too much. Not also mention that she can't go the cops as if she does then she mainly has painted a massive target on her saying "KILL ME NOW" as her boyfriend Nate was dealing drugs for a wrong crowd. One night she heads to a church for sanctuary and hopes the priest can help her absolve or make her feel a little better for her sins. At the church, she meets Judas - the priest. Judas is probably the worst priest for her to get involved with as Judas is the son of a famous mobster and uses his church to move products. As who would look towards a priest for criminal activities? As Judas gets to know Delilah, he tries at first to distance himself from her, but soon falls in love and Delilah starts to develop strong feelings for Judas. Can she do so, when her ex-boyfriend Nate wants her back and will do anything, even beat her as he has the philosophy of if he can't have her then no-one can? What decision will Judas make when his brother calls in a favor, and that favor is to kill Delilah? Now that his heart is involved, this becomes a matter of life and death. Will Judas just this once defy his brother Saint and pay the consequences? Find out in this edgy romantic suspense - The Pope by L.P Lovell.

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