Review: False Memory - Meli Raine

False Memory (False #1)

Review: False Memory - Book #1 False Series - Meli Raine - November 2018

A favorite author of mine is Meli Raine, she is known to do trilogies, and each trilogy is a spin-off of the previous series.  We have had Lindsey's story in Harmless Trilogy; then we had her friend who later turned out to be her sister but not Jane in the Shameless Trilogy. In the Shameless Trilogy, Jane meets a girl named Lily who could have passed as Jane; she was her doppelganger. Too bad though that this didn't work out as well for Lily, as when a hit is put out on Jane. It wasn't Jane who got shot; it was Lily. Lily survived just and has been in a coma for the last year plus. When she wakes up, she sees two guys standing by her bed. Duff - the guy she had at the time of the shooting started to fall in love with but never had the chance to tell him how she fell and Romeo - the guy who she is adamant shot her. The thing is though she must now fake amnesia to survive as the killer has been leaving clues around her hospital room and threats. What will happen though when the guy she is afraid of most keeps hanging around, and her family adores him? Will Lily ever feel safe again? Can she tell someone like Duff the truth or is he part of the conspiracy? Who can Lily turn to save herself or will she have to continue to fake amnesia until the real killer is caught? As usual, Meli Raine draws you into the web of conspiracies, lies, and secrets and makes you want the next book in the series - right now. I am currently looking forward to reading Book #2 as False Memory also ended on a cliffhanger between Lily and Duff.


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