Review : Very Irresistible Playboy - Lila Monroe

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Very Irresistible Playboy (Billionaire Bachelors, #1)

Review: Very Irresistible Playboy - Book #1 Billionaire Bachelors - Lila Monroe - January 2018

Hallie dreams of one day owning her own photography business, but money is a big, huge problem as she is currently living from paycheck to paycheck and scrambling to make rent. After a wedding gig goes belly-up as she lands in a pond ruining her camera, she wonders if life will ever look up for her. One good thing though came from the wedding; Hallie managed to get a kiss from a handsome stranger. Hallie down in the dumps meets a stunning put together woman, and over donuts, this woman tells Hallie she has a job for her. Hallie arrives with nothing to lose, only to discover her new job wants her to develop a fake relationship with Max Carlisle. It turns out that Max Carlisle is not just a possible heir to the Carlisle Publishing Empire where Hallie went for a job and was rejected but also happens to be the handsome stranger from the Wedding. Max takes Hallie to his family estate as it is his grandfather's birthday and it seems that the grandfather has a plan up his sleeve. He has organized a treasure hunt and whoever finishes first will inherit his shares of the Carlisle Companies.  One thing leads to another over the weekend, and Hallie moves from Fake girlfriend to fake fiancee, and soon the line of what's pretend and starts to blur. What will happen though when just as Hallie is falling head over heels for Max and he accuses her of betrayal? Is Max just another arrogant playboy or does he care about Hallie and will try to win her love back?
Find out in this fun romantic cross-country comedy by Lila Monroe.


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