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Review: The Girl in Seat 24B - Jennifer Peel

The Girl in Seat 24B

Review: The Girl in Seat 24B - Jennifer Peel - November 2014

Once upon a time Carly and Michael lived a very romantic life, and their story touched a lot of people as they met on a red-eye flight, and Michael knew she was the girl for him, so much he started a blog called The Girl in Seat 24B as Michael was a journalist and Carly - a photographer. The pair married and had two lovely children, and all seemed to be going well until Michael started to pull away and spend longer at work. One day out of the blue, Michael announces to Carly that he is leaving them - it's me, not you scenario. Carly is blindsided and hurt, and on top of that - how is she going to explain it to her children? As the time goes along, Carly discovers she is pregnant again, but this time it doesn't look like Michael will be around. I admired Carly in this book as she did what any real mother would do - she tried to hold her head high, keep her children in good spirits and to realize she may end up a single mother she restarted her photography and created herself a  nice little business. During this time, she also sought out divorce advice. Will Michael finally step up and take responsibility or will Carly be preparing a new life and no longer being The Girl in Seat 24B? I admired the character of Carly Bishop in this novel and hated Michael as he was a selfish jerk who only cared about his happiness - it seemed like he was doing the age-old mid-life crisis that most men seem to go through during their 40's-50's.

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