Friday, November 30, 2018

Review: A Royal Pain - Tara Brown

A Royal Pain (The Royals Trilogy #1)

Review: A Royal Pain - Book #1 Royals Trilogy - Tara Brown - November 2016

Seventeen-year-old Finley Roze is a spoilt brat whose life revolves around parties and having fun as being rich comes with the idea that you are untouchable. After Finley's latest stunt lands her in hospital, her dad has reached his limit and sent her to her version of Siberia. To an Aunt, she has never met on her mum's side in a small town off of Canada. Here Finley will spend the summer break, away from technology and helping her aunt at an Assisted Living Facility. It is here that Finley meets Aiden Sorensen. Aiden is here visiting his aunt and uncle in the home and loves the peace and life away from the spotlight as he has a secret that he's not telling Finley - Aiden is, in fact, a Prince and heir to the throne. As the pair spend a lot of time together, Finley starts to truly come down to earth and rediscover the "true" her. During her time away, she also finds out who her real friends are and that looks and friendships can often be deceiving.  Finley starts to fall hard for Aiden and vice versa, but what happens when it's time for her to return to her "real life." With the temptations of her old friends and crowd, will Finley fall back into old habits which ruin her chances with Aiden? As we all know a member of the Royal Family can't be with an American that will bring shame to the family and tarnish their reputations - there is no room for scandal when it comes to royalty. With her love and happiness on the line, will this be the motivation that Finley needs to buck up her ideas and change once and for all?
Find out in Book #1 of the Royals Trilogy by Tara Brown.

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