Review: Jane of Air - Jessica Penot

Jane of Air (The Tattooed Girl Series Book 1)

Review: Jane of Air - Book #1 The Tattooed Girl - Jessica Penot - October 2018
One of my all-time classic novels happen to be Jane Eyre, and a reading weakness I have is renditions of classics and fairytales. So when I saw this one, Jane of Air loosely based on Jane Eyre, I had to read it straight away. OMG, I loved it so much, we have Jane who is a foster child who gets a job at Thornfield Estate looking after Edward's grandmother Adele. We have the main story of Jane and Edward like as in Jane Eyre, but of course, this book has its twists that didn't get answered in the first book but am hoping we do get the answers to our questions. When Jane was found abandoned she had a tattoo on her back, and as she has grown older, the tattoo has taken a life of its own by adding more to the design which I am hoping in Book #2 we learn the meaning behind the tattoo and who Jane's parents were as like in the OG Jane Eyre, Jane had family she never knew she had. The other thing that stumped me was Jane's friend Helen. At the start of the story and even near the end, I thought that Helen was a real person but by the end of the novel - I was questioning myself as things didn't seem to add up from the staff not noticing her and then her disappearing entirely and the fact that Jane had never met Helen's boyfriend or seen her apartment. It made me wonder if Helen was a figment that she had created in order to survive the foster system ? Most girls are all for Elizabeth and Darcy, but I have always been a Jane and Edward fan and love their story which now I am hoping that a Book #2 will be released so that we have some answers to questions that arose and also that we see Jane and Edward finally getting their HEA.


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