Review: True to You - Becky Wade

True to You (A Bradford Sisters Romance, #1)

Review: True to You - Book #1 Bradford Sisters Series - Becky Wade - May 2017
After a heartbreak three years ago, Nora Bradford chucked herself into her work as the owner of the local Historical village complex which I thought personally was excellent and wish that we could have that with our local historical village. It used to be a museum and now due to rent prices a lot of the shops have closed. Nora's sister Britt tells Nora that she needs some fun and new experiences in her life which leads her to play a hostage in a hostage stimulation being operated by Lawson Training. With Nora's expertise, John decides that he wants to hire her as he is trying to track down his birth mother. Nora agrees and loves spending time with John - may be a bit too much as he has a girlfriend, Allie. I loved this book as one of my favorite things to read is stories of characters trying to do genealogy and find their birth parents. I wonder if that's because my dad never knew anything of his father except his name and I have always wondered what it would have been like to find him or discover that my dad has siblings. The other thing that I loved about this book was the relationship between the sisters as though they were half-sisters they all loved one another strongly. The other thing on a more edgier note was the connection between John's biological father and Nora's mother, Robin. This part of the story made me go OMG as it could have been a tie-breaker for their relationship, but it proved that when love is pure and meant to be it can overcome even the biggest of obstacles. I am now looking forward to reading Nora's sister's stories, but can already tell that out of the three Bradford Sisters - Nora is my favorite as she seems more like myself.


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